Monday, January 9, 2012

{give a little bit}

Hello everyone and HAPPY New Year! I seriously can't believe 2011 is over. Its been a {wonderful} year filled with an injury (LOL), meeting new clients, a booming business, college classes passed and an adoption. Whewww its been {good}! 

I want you to meet Lori.

She is beautiful, funny, feisty, {incredible} and she is fighting cancer. We had a wonderful session that started with my wonderful sis in law Rachel doing her hair and makeup. Then we headed to Florence for some fun girl time. She is simply beautiful and the flood of emotions that came with this session will stay with me forever. We {giggled} with lots of girlie talk and when she smiled it was infectious. This led me to think about life and how it can be so busy with kids, work, school, laundry....and sometimes its easy to forget about what is really matters. Soooo I would like to start a movement. Do something {nice} for someone....anyone. Use your talents and randomly {give} If you take photos, do a session for someone who really needs it for free. You make tutus, caps, outfits etc...give one away to someone who may benefit. You bake amazing bread, cookies or it. You're a terrific babysitter?? Donate some free sitting for a mom who really needs it. There's something that we can all do. Sit back and watch what happens when you make a difference in someones life.

I would love to hear what you did to make an impact. Leave a comment below and if you are in AZ I'll do a drawing for a 100.00 gift certificate towards a regular session with me.

 I promise you your perspective will be better and your life {happier}! Ok good deed doers....go!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The winner of our first giveaway is.....

***Kim Please email me your contact info at

I also need to know if you are local to Az as a few vendors are local prizes. :)

Yay Congrats KIM! A GINORMOUS thank you to ALL of the vendors. You guys have been phenomenal! I truely love all your businesses. Thank you:

1.Vintage Rose

2. A to Zebra Celebrations

3. Blooming Mill

4. Flipped Bird

5. Floppy Flower

6. Lola Sews and Creates

7. Lil Luna

8. The Lovely Letter

9. Purdy Things

10. Sassy Talk

11. Sparkle Dazzle Dancewear

12. u2rBlessed

13. Whats Your Virtue

You are ALL the best! Thanks again and I would soooo love to do this with you again!

Thank you for everyone for sharing my business. Its so fun to meet new people and Ive been so touched by the sweet comments. I so love this thing called photography and I am so grateful to have a business that gives me the opportunity to meet amazing peeps.

Monday, July 11, 2011

{The first ever Moments defined Giveaway!!!!!}

{This giveaway is now closed}

1 WINNER gets over $550.00 worth of awesomeness!!!

{Please note: an additional winner will be picked for the 2 local vendors: Blooming Mill, Sparkle Dazzle Dancewear, if initial winner is not local.} *As well as for my session unless winner is able to travel to Arizona. :)
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1. "LIKE" Moments defined Photography on Facebook & "FOLLOW" this blog: REQUIRED ENTRY [1 comment]

2. "SHARE" this blog post with your friends on Facebook by pressing the Facebook icon below this post or share the link on your own.  REQUIRED ENTRY [1 comment]

3. "LIKE" each vendor {13 total} on Facebook {make sure ya tell them moments defined photography sent you while you're there!} and receive an additional comment for every 2 you like. [7 additional comments] 

Facebook links will be posted under each vendor prize for your convenience. 

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10 CHANCES to LEAVE A COMMENT at the end of this post gives you 10 CHANCES TO WIN:

Please state what you did for each comment.  For example:

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"Fan of moments defined photography on Facebook and followed your blog" [comment 1] REQUIRED

"Shared this link on FB" [comment 2] REQUIRED

{These next comments are optional but HIGHLY increase your chances of winning}

"Fanned Vendors 1-2" [comment 3]

"Fanned Vendors 3-4" [comment 4]

"Fanned Vendors 5-6" [comment 5]

"Fanned Vendors 7-8" [comment 6]

"Fanned Vendors 9-10" [comment 7]

"Fanned Vendors 11-12" [comment 8]
"Fanned Vendor 13" [comment 9]

{BONUS Entry}
"Left review for moments defined photography on Facebook fan page (theres a tab on the left hand side under profile pic)" [comment 10]

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GIVEAWAY winner will be chosen via and ANNOUNCED Monday, July 18th, 2011 on this blog.


All items have no cash value and are non-transferrable. *Moments Defined Photography session, Blooming Mill and Sparkle Dazzle Dancewear prizes available only to AZ residents. Moments Defined Photography is not responsible for outcome of prizes once the vendors have been contacted regarding winners. Thank you for your understanding. Lastly please play fair and GOOD LUCK!

Here we go:
Special THANKS to all you fabulous vendors for donating your products. These folks are oober talented! Simply click on the picture and it should take you to their fan pages. Have fun ya'll check out these awesome sites.

1. Moments defined Photography
Free session ($200.00 value)

2. Vintage Rose Wraps
$50.00 gift certificate

  Facebook :

Website :

3. A to Zebra Celebrations
$25.00 Gift Certificate


Etsy Store:

4. Blooming Mill
 $50.00 gift certificate
 (can be used toward a bridal package, event flowers or a fresh floral arrangement)



5. Flipped Bird
Flipped Bird tiny reversible bag
and a flower jar stuffed with
stretchy hair ties ($38.00 value)



6. Floppy Flower
$25.00 Gift Certificate



7. Lola Sews and Creates
a child's apron and headband set (apron will fit ages 3-5 years,
headband will fit up to adult)
($42 value)


Etsy :

8. Lil' Luna
set of multiple earrings a ($20 value)



9. The Lovely Letter
$30.00 Gift Certificate

Facebook :
10. Purdy Things
$20.00 gift Certificate


11. Sassy Talk
$25.00 Gift Certificate



12. Sparkle Dazzle Dancewear & Boutique
$25.00 Gift Certificate


13. U2rblessed
$50.00 Gift Certificate


14. Whats Your Virtue
  Trio of 3 glosses ( $36.00 value) 



Thursday, June 2, 2011


I'm so very {blessed}, especially after these past 5 months with LOTS of up's and down's with my leg. Its even sweeter when you get to meet amazing and talented women who are sooo beyond creative that it truly inspires me! {u2rblessed} is one of the few that I work with that have products that I love... and their name alone says it ALL. I LOVE the business statement on their home page that describes their business,

"u2rblessed is a web-based retail store offering items for men, women and children. We create wearable art reflecting a positive attitude for people who "LOVE LIFE". Our products are unique, stylish and always fun to wear.Our hope is to not only inspire and excite you but also remind you that "u2rblessed".

I was contacted by Suzi asking if I did commercial work. I was so honored and excited to do this shoot to launch their new kiddo T-Shirts line! Suzi and Rhonda are two of the sweetest gals and the models were absolutely perfect! Thank you for such a {happy} shoot!!!!

*to order their fabulousness please email them with your orders*

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Meet Devin!

This is my nephew and I have been stalking my step moms vintage scale for months now and I kept saying that I want to put a baby in that!! Well they are amazing and I love them for letting me borrow it one afternoon. First off there's a story behind this scale. It was on my great grandparents farm in Pennsylvania and dates back to 1912!!! Isn't that sooo ahhmazing???
Now this shot was HARD and complicated for me and I'm pretty sure there's someone out there who could do it with ease. {feel free to share your advice photogs} I saw something similar from another amazing and talented photographer and she is my hero!
Well it was such a learning experience and was so fun! We ended up only getting to snap a few. I'm so excited that I vintaged it up a bit which hid some of my imperfections. :)

{Welcome little Devin!! Auntie loves you lots!}