Monday, January 9, 2012

{give a little bit}

Hello everyone and HAPPY New Year! I seriously can't believe 2011 is over. Its been a {wonderful} year filled with an injury (LOL), meeting new clients, a booming business, college classes passed and an adoption. Whewww its been {good}! 

I want you to meet Lori.

She is beautiful, funny, feisty, {incredible} and she is fighting cancer. We had a wonderful session that started with my wonderful sis in law Rachel doing her hair and makeup. Then we headed to Florence for some fun girl time. She is simply beautiful and the flood of emotions that came with this session will stay with me forever. We {giggled} with lots of girlie talk and when she smiled it was infectious. This led me to think about life and how it can be so busy with kids, work, school, laundry....and sometimes its easy to forget about what is really matters. Soooo I would like to start a movement. Do something {nice} for someone....anyone. Use your talents and randomly {give} If you take photos, do a session for someone who really needs it for free. You make tutus, caps, outfits etc...give one away to someone who may benefit. You bake amazing bread, cookies or it. You're a terrific babysitter?? Donate some free sitting for a mom who really needs it. There's something that we can all do. Sit back and watch what happens when you make a difference in someones life.

I would love to hear what you did to make an impact. Leave a comment below and if you are in AZ I'll do a drawing for a 100.00 gift certificate towards a regular session with me.

 I promise you your perspective will be better and your life {happier}! Ok good deed doers....go!