Thursday, January 13, 2011

Meet Devin!

This is my nephew and I have been stalking my step moms vintage scale for months now and I kept saying that I want to put a baby in that!! Well they are amazing and I love them for letting me borrow it one afternoon. First off there's a story behind this scale. It was on my great grandparents farm in Pennsylvania and dates back to 1912!!! Isn't that sooo ahhmazing???
Now this shot was HARD and complicated for me and I'm pretty sure there's someone out there who could do it with ease. {feel free to share your advice photogs} I saw something similar from another amazing and talented photographer and she is my hero!
Well it was such a learning experience and was so fun! We ended up only getting to snap a few. I'm so excited that I vintaged it up a bit which hid some of my imperfections. :)

{Welcome little Devin!! Auntie loves you lots!}